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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> dangerous heat throughout the week. the forecast you need to say. >> maybe she would show more emotion.
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>> casey anthony nearly 24 hours after she was freed from jail. her location remains a secret. the debt showdown heats up again this week. >> we jockey for the next election. we never make long-term decisions. >> this is soccer. you never know who is going to win. >> the u.s. women's team loses the world cup to japan. >> alive and in hd. this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> we begin with a heat wave that will start tomorrow and last through the week. the temperatures will be high. for some come dangerously high. >> changes on the way.
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it looks like it is going to be an absolute scorcher come thursday friday, saturday, and sunday. 80 degrees this hour. 76 at dulles. here is our current heat index reading. it feels like 101 in minneapolis. 95 in st. louis. all this heat and humidity moving toward the east. it will arrive across the mid- atlantic on wednesday. mainly clear skies as we move into the overnight hours. high temperatures around 90 to 95 degrees. that is a dangerous heat wave that lasts a good four or five days. some airports will see record- setting temperatures. keep in mind this is the hot this time on average for the year in washington d.c. we will look at the extended outlook in a few minutes. breaking news from southeast
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washington. at least the two shootings have been reported in the past the hour. a 14-year-old mail was wounded on stanton street. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening indices -- injuries. another shooting happened. we will give you more details as they become available. casey anthony's first light of freedom. the florida woman who was found not guilty of killing her to- year-old daughter was released this morning with tight security after multiple death threats. where she is is a mystery. >> today casey anthony went from one form of confinement to another. she is free, but we do not know where she is or when she will resurface. a woman once docked by a murder charge is now being pursued once again. >> she had a relief and her face. >> it took casey anthony 12
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seconds to walk out of the jail in orlando from a harsh spotlight into a grinding frenzy. >> we are seeing her right now. she is getting into the car. >> she is coming out the front door. unbelievable. >> anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter earlier this month. she was greeted by a throng of protesters. some were kinder than others. >> people need to respect the judicial system and respect due process and let her and her family live their lives. >> to protest that this killer is getting out, that she had a jury trial that was a joke. >> in the middle of the night casey anthony got out of the suv and left on a private jet owned by a wealthy california attorney linked to her defense team. but where she is remains a mystery. she avoided conviction. but with only $537, no job, no
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home and a strained relationship with her family, it is hard to know with -- what this 25-year-old will do next. >> there could be a book, tv interviews, and other ways of telling this monterey story. she will probably be able to get a million dollars. >> some people may not want to touch casey anthony because they do not want her to profit from what they see as someone who got away with murder. >> for legal troubles are not over. she faces a defamation suit and another suit from a search and rescue team that donated services to find caylee. they claim casey anthony misled them and should reimburse them. we are following a developing study of a deadly bus accident. these are pictures just into the newsroom. the crash happened near
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rochester, new york. we are told the bus left washington this morning to had to niagara falls. at least two people are dead. dozens are injured. a motorcycle list is dead after an accident in fairfax. this happened last night at the intersection of braddock. a woman driving a lexus said then collided with two motorcycles after she tried to turn left. the two other motorcycle riders suffered non-life-threatening injuries. neither speak nor alcohol are considered factors. an investigation is under way. we now know the identity of a man killed when a glider crashed into trees on friday and near st. mary's county regional airport. it is james bacon of mechanicsville. the pilot was in critical condition at prince george's hospital center.
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an ntsb investigation is underway. now to the latest on the deck showdown. both sides are gearing up for a major vote on a contentious plan puts -- put forward by the gop. neither president obama nor joe biden are set to meet with congressional leaders tomorrow. has there been enough progress? >> if by progress you mean a lot of people talking about the debt ceiling, that definitely happened. one of our colleagues explained it this way. there is growing concern on capitol hill about the lack of progress in the debt ceiling debate. at the same time, there is a growing sense of calm because there is a growing consensus that something has to get done. what that is is anybody's guess. the president spent sunday morning in church with his family, as many in washington are starting to pray for progress in the debt ceiling
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debate. >> there is still time to get something big done. the president has made clear he wants to do something substantial. >> republicans said democrats and the president must stop asking for tax hikes. the clock continues to tick down to default. >> we have to get this job done. the president is standing by, but we have to accept the initiative as elected leaders in congress to solve this problem. >> where is the president's plan? i have never seen a piece of paper with his name on it that tells us how to solve the problem. >> congress wants to raise the debt ceiling but pass a balanced budget amendment. >> at least agree we can make some cuts now and caps spending over 10 years. let the states decide if some time over the next decade we will balance our budget. that is hardly a radical idea. >> it is largely symbolic but will probably pass the house and may move the negotiations.
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>> meanwhile the president and speaker of the house are talking again about more than $4 trillion in deficit reduction. the speaker reportedly asked to see specifics on cuts to social security medicare, and medicaid. senate leaders are working on a backup plan. >> there will not be a default. as to whether or not we can achieve savings in the process -- it depends on the president. >> the house vote is set for tuesday. discussions will continue. the secretary of the treasury says the nation has until august 2 to extend the debt ceiling or default. >> president obama will nominate ohio's former attorney general to lead the consumer protection bureau. his nomination by passes the creator of the agency, harvard law professor elizabeth warren. the bureau will begin oversight
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on july 21. its role is to watch over mortgages, credit cards, and other forms of lending. turning now to the disappointing world cup loss, this was the scene at sports bars throughout the area. torture. for a while, it looked like the u.s. women's team had it. but in a penalty shootout, the japanese team won 3-1. they'll still appreciate the team's a valiant effort. >> a iowa grew up during the 1999 win. it is big. >> japan is the first asian nation to win the world cup. we will have more on today's game later in sports. still to come, growing scandal. the new fallout in the uk phone hacking investigation.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. >> the phone hacking scandal that shut down one of britain's oldest newspapers continues to rock that country. there was another stunning arrest followed by an equally stunning resignation. all of this brings the scandal closer to rupert murdoch. >> rebekah brooks was rupert murdoch's protege and some say he considered her his daughter. she went to scotland yard to talk about the phone hacking scandal under her tenure as editor of "news of the world." to her surprise, she was
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arrested. all along she has said she did not know what was being done by her reporters. >> there is no way a reporter can come in with the kind of salacious stories "news of the world cocoa was running without an editor saying "who was your source?" >> de head of scotland yard resigned. he said he had no role in the failure to investigate, nor the alleged bribery of police officers. >> i have no knowledge of the extent of this practice. >> tuesday rupert murdoch and his son james are scheduled to appear before the british house of commons. the british world watches as the scandal threatens murdoch's media empire, which includes fox news and the wall street journal. it remains to be seen if rupert murdoch can continue to lead his company, or even keep it together.
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>> a bizarre incident at an arizona airport landed an irate passenger in handcuffs. the 61-year-old is charged with -- 1-year-old is -- the 61-year- old is accused of sexual assault after grappling ap tsa officer. she grabbed the agent have breasts. it was the habit that never was. today, traffic was moving smoothly along the infamous route 405 in los angeles. this weekend a 10 mile stretch of the high weight shut down. despite warnings, there were no major problems during the closure. there was a wake-up call for the crew aboard the space shuttle atlantis. >> ♪ celebrate good times ♪ >> kool and the gang played this
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morning. the astronauts are preparing for their final flight home. they spent the afternoon packing and storing everything. atlantis will undock from the space station this tuesday and landed in cape canaveral on thursday. >> i guess the cannot just throw them in the suitcase. >> it is more complicated. the tropics are heating up. >> we now have our second named storm. the wind is not so bad. 40 miles per hour. here is the projected path of this storm as it moves toward the east. it is going to move away from the coast. a high pressure is going to pump the heat and humidity across the mid-atlantic. look at the beautiful moon rise across annapolis right now. just a few clouds here or there. 89 degrees at average for a daytime high. the record is 102 set back in
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1980. it is 80 at the airport. two. levels beginning to increase. we will eventually see dew point levels well into the 70's by mid-week. 77 in alexandria after a high of 93 degrees. that is gw university. it is 75 degrees over at the beach. 72 culpeper. 77 fredericksburg. the heat beginning to build to the west of us. mid 80's in chicago. detroit at 80 degrees. the bigger story is the heat index. it feels like 99 degrees in minneapolis. all this heat and humidity will move toward the east. by thursday and friday, we will look at daytime high temperatures around 100 degrees. look at the heat advisories' now stretching as close as ohio. look for these to slowly move in
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our direction. we do have a code orange for air quality. take it easy. air quality will continue to deteriorate as we move into the week. satellite and radar, it is quiet and dry. well to the north of us, we have a frontal system that will eventually bring us some showers and thunderstorms. the better chance will be tomorrow night into tuesday as the front slowly drifts south. it is not going to bring as much relief from the heat and humidity. once the system clears the area, the real hot weather arrives. it is going to be dangerously hot by thursday and friday. our forecast is not so bad tonight. look for a little bit of patchy fog across the highlands and the valley. nighttime lows in the mid-60's to mid-70's as you head closer toward the district.
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tomorrow is going to be more humid. a 20% chance for isolated storms. the extended hours look like this. 99 on thursday. 100 friday and saturday. you can check out the latest advisories and warnings when they are issued. in the latest forecasts 24 hours
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>> here are some of the stories trending on democrats take on republicans as the debt limit debate intensifies. a disappointing loss for the u.s. women's team at the world cup. the boy was third put a spell on the box office. those stories and more at >> it is not just our website. >> all of the tweets and facebook statuses -- >> abby wombach has achieved
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the toyota sports desk, moving you forward. >> just to give you an idea of how big the women's world cup final is today it set a twitter record with more than 7000 tweets going out every second.
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it did not and the way many people hoped are expected, considering the u.s. out shot japan by almost 2-1. abby wombach on the breakaway and her shot hits the crossbar. it is scoreless until megan rapino and goes far post for the goal. it is 1-0 usa but japan is not going down easily. the u.s. struggles offensively. japan puts it away. so we go to extra time. look at her. she is a strong up and comers, alex morgan. she tosses to what we have seen many times before, wombach with a header, her fourth goal of the tournament. japan's sawa redirects a bullet
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to the net. ties the game at 2. all over again as she gets denied. the final blue -- the final blow came. a beautiful shot. japan wins 3-1 in penalty kicks. after the game, a keeper hope solo put it in perspective. >> we lost to a great team. japan is a team i have always had respect for. i believe something bigger was pulling for this team. as much as i have always wanted this, if there is any team i would give it to, it would be japan. i am happy for them. they do deserve it. a self-described normal bloke is now you're a champion. he has tried unsuccessfully for 20 years to win the coveted
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british open trophy. he became the latest man out of northern ireland to dominate the golf world. nicholson made a huge charge on the front nine. a long eagle putt. he sings it to tie at 5 under. on the seventh hole, he watches michelson with an eagle putt of his own. but here comes the 10th hole, trailing by 2 strokes. he sings the birdie putt to fall within just one stroke. six under. we have seen this before. lesley self-destruct. he finished at 2 under for the tournament, tied with johnson. but there is your winner. he was consistent all the way. his first major at the age of 42. he lost his wife to breast cancer in 2006. today, he thanked her and
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everyone who made a difference in his life. >> i know she would be very proud of me. but i think she would be more proud of my boys than anything else. it has been a long journey to get here. >> the nationals in atlanta trying to win 2 out of three against the braves. they cannot do it. the braves win 9-8. the national start a series with the astros in houston tomorrow. with today's sweep of the seattle mariners, the texas rangers push their winning streak to 11 games. it is baseball's longest streak since philadelphia's 11 game run last november. harper was promoted as the top
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>> you do not see this very often. by the end of the week, 100
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degrees, if not harder. we will keep you updated. >> thanks for watching washington weekly is coming up next.
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